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I will teach them what it means to put a lion in a cage.

I will never see them again.


"Dwarf," said the Red Viper, in a tone grown markedly less cordial, “spare me your Lannister lies. Is it sheep you take us for, or fools? My brother is not a bloodthirsty man, but neither has he been asleep for sixteen years. Jon Arryn came to Sunspear the year after Robert took the throne, and you can be sure that he was questioned closely. Him, and a hundred more. I did not come for some mummer’s show of an inquiry. I came for justice for Elia and her children, and I will have it. Starting with this lummox Gregor Clegane … but not, I think, ending there.”

Snow was falling on the Eyrie. Outside the flakes drifted down as soft and silent as memory. The sight took Sansa back to cold nights long ago, in the long summer of her childhood. 

Come at once. Help me. Save me. I need you as I have never needed you before. I love you, I love you, I love you. Come at once.

" You admit you poisoned the king?”
“Nothing of the sort,” said Tyrion. “Of Joffrey’s death I am innocent. I am guilty of a more monstrous crime.” He took a step toward his father. “I was born. I lived. I am guilty of being a dwarf, I confess it. And no matter how many times my good father forgave me, I have persisted in my infamy.”
“This is folly, Tyrion,” declared Lord Tywin. “Speak to the matter at hand. You are not on trial for being a dwarf.”
“That is where you err, my lord. I have been on trial for being a dwarf my entire life."
A Storm of Swords. (via mithrandy)

Have you nothing to say in your defense?

Oberyn Martell in Episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men”

I am going North, Bran. But you will be able to come visit me. We can go walk beyond the Wall, if you are not afraid.

This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.